Interior Design Solutions

Interior Design Solutions

A More Efficient Work Environment

Interior Design Solutions

From our vast selection of styles, colours and fabrics, to the many years of knowledge, service and experience our team brings to the table, attention to every detail defines the very essence of the Allied experience.

Your new office should reflect your taste and personality, but the choices and sheer number of decisions can be daunting. Not with Allied. Your experience begins with one of our furnishings consultants guiding you through each phase of the office interior design process. From furniture selection to colour coordination, textile options, wall coverings and more, having an expert navigate you through the maze of manufacturer’s offerings helps ensure a successful experience. This even translates to our workstation setups that are efficient but have a sense of style not found anywhere else. Lighting and accessories that stands out in more ways than one while making a more efficient work environment.

Quality Matters

To create work places that function well in today’s fast paced, competitive business environments, you must have a strategic partner who provides and accounts for your design and budget needs. Allied does just that by offering the following services.

Office Space Design

Is your office space designed for optimum efficiency? We will provide you with tips that will help you create an office environment that allows employees the freedom to work quickly and move around easily in their workspace.

Office space designs require a tremendous amount of thought and consideration. Let Allied’s team of experts be of assistance!

Expert Designers

Quite possibly the most crucial aspect of office space design is working with the right designer. By hiring Allied as your designer, you’ll be able to freely share your opinions. Being able to point out the things you like and dislike will help the process more along more effectively. Plus, it allows both parties to be upfront with each other at all times, creating an environment where coordination and planning efforts are at their peak.

Home Office

Home offices should reflect your personal taste and lifestyle. Gather up some examples of designs you like from photos, magazines clippings, along with color and fabric samples. Now measure your space and don’t forget to mark the location of windows and doors and which way they open. Then bring all this to us where one of our consultants will create a working floor plan drawing and coach you through your selection processes.